Sunday, June 11, 2006

Growing GREAT Roses

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My hybrid Tea Roses have been lagging for the past couple of years even though I gave them rose food and amended the soil with peat moss.

This year, it was time to get serious. I had always heard about cow manure but was afraid to use it for fear of the smell. I had heard countless stories from my mom about some neighbor years ago who would use this on her garden and what a stench it would be on a hot summer day! Add to that the stories my hubby told me of
Germany in the summertime when the farmers would use cow manure for their crops.

Fear no more. Soil amendment in this country has come a long way. I purchased a product called Black Kow and used it on the roses. In a short while, I had thicker healthier stems, leaves that had virtually no fungus, and lots and lots of blooms! More blooms than I have had even when I first planted the roses! Now its time to look into Nematodes, for those pesky Japanese beetles, which are back, but that's for next time!

And here is a photo of one of these New Roses

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Weeds, Weeds, and more Weeds!

It's that time of Year! The Weeds are growing!

I spent several hours in the garden yesterday getting rid of weeds. No, I didn't get rid of all the Weeds, there's lot's more.

The worst weeds in the garden are... Red Root Pig Weed, Nut Sedge, and Quack Grass. The nut sedge is especially tough to get rid of because it keeps coming back from the nuts if you don't get them out.

Anyway... Here are some great designs for gardeners that know about weeds:

Give a weed an inch... Tote Bag

These T-Shirts, Mugs, & more that say "Give a weed an inch and it will take a yard!" If you have a yard or are a gardener you can relate to having weeds take over your yard or garden.

Head Gardener & Weed Puller
These Head Gardener & Weed Puller - T-shirts, Cap and Sweatshirts are great for anyone that likes to garden. They make great gifts for your favorite gardener.
This great design is from Full Moon Emporium

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